1. British Airways have unveiled their new ‘interactive’ billboard in Cheswick. The little boy stands up and point to the plane as it passes over head while the billboard links to a database and provides the flight destination. Great use of real time tech.

  2. I had to post this as I love the sound track. The track is a remix of Gloria Jones’s 1964 Northern Soul floor-filler Tainted Love (later covered by Soft Cell). The remix is by producer Ryan Hemsworth, and it’s not currently available to download.

  3. A set of very striking self portraits from Alma Haser. See more of her award winning work here.

  4. Here is another trippy little piece from Alma Haser for CLARK - ‘Feast/Beast’ 


  6. Weird, but catchy.

  7. Speaks for itself. Great idea.

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  8. It’s a real product! And at the time of posting, this video has 9m hits. I wonder if they have sold as many product?

  9. The microsite is also rather fun. I was expecting to see a recognisable brand behind the concept, but it would seem this is the real deal?! 

  10.  A nice little video with a nice little idea behind it.